The Extraordinary Life of a Friend

I made a friend in Bangalore who just had 4 electric appliances in his house — tube lights, a mobile phone, a fan and a TV. No geyser, AC, mixer grinder, washing machine, microwave, fridge — things we can’t imagine our lives without.

He would buy veggies and fruits just for the day and consume it all. He took shower in cold water and washed his clothes by hand. He had found an airy house that didn’t need AC, just one fan would suffice. When I visited him he made me an avocado smoothie with coconut milk, all cut, smashed, grated and churned by hand and basic tools, all delicious and fresh.

He would often stress on using small plates because they required less water to clean. He didn’t have a garlic peeler or cake slicer or cooking oil dispenser. He hardly used spoons.

He had no bed or magnificent couches to sprawl on. He had 1 simple chair, 2 tables and a cupboard. He had a bike and a bicycle that he used for different kinds of trips — office and leisure.

The greatest thing about his life was he used everything he owned. There was nothing “extra”, nothing bought out of greed. I loved that about him.




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Anisha Singhi

Anisha Singhi

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