I painted this cause it reminds me of the gorgeous Fall of 2016 I spent with my sister, Samantha, in Indiana.

At Shaya (the jewellery brand I work for), we’ve been obsessed with sister-stories for the last few weeks. Rakhi is almost here and we’re crazy about celebrating girl-bonds every chance we get! (Your Valentine’s is our Galentine’s)

Our team went to meet 3 pairs of sisters last Saturday and collected so many moments in pictures, videos and stories. On Monday, everyone came to work with mouth full of stories to share. They were shocked, awed, jealous, pumped up and excited, but each one felt like they’d built new bonds.

That’s the thing about sisters — they can be found anywhere and bonds can be forged almost instantly. These connections might not be deep or everlasting. But it feels like at some point in our lives, we’ve all walked the same path. Maybe not at the same time, but with the same vulnerability. I feel like the sameness of this experience connects us.