I made a friend in Bangalore who just had 4 electric appliances in his house — tube lights, a mobile phone, a fan and a TV. No geyser, AC, mixer grinder, washing machine, microwave, fridge — things we can’t imagine our lives without.

He would buy veggies and fruits just…

BTS loves Army. Army loves BTS.

I got introduced to the global overdog BTS last night at a slumber party at my best friend’s house. Apparently, all 4 attendees were part of the ARMY. The girls were in the mood for all things BTS and I was happy to bite.

In one night I went from…

Perfumes that smell like nostalgia

I forgot to carry my perfume from Bombay so raided Mamma’s cupboard in Gangtok and found this. I used to wear this scent when I was 19.

It gave me a peek into the past and reminded me of freedom. I saw myself wearing skimpy clothes, reading banned books, stepping out for auto rides with my girls at midnight, drinking wine for breakfast and escaping to Goa whenever I felt like it. Although these things don’t define freedom for me now, it did then cause I could not do it in Gangtok.

Now freedom is Monday mornings without deadlines. Or simply removing the mask and taking a long whiff of well… freedom.

Understanding People A to Z

A Good For Nothing Ticket from Google Images

What do you do with freebies?

What’s the last freebie I got?

Why do I always want something free?

Who are these people who give free stuff?

Why do they do it?

🤔 These are some of the questions I’ve been seeking answers to, after…

I painted this cause it reminds me of the gorgeous Fall of 2016 I spent with my sister, Samantha, in Indiana.

At Shaya (the jewellery brand I work for), we’ve been obsessed with sister-stories for the last few weeks. Rakhi is almost here and we’re crazy about celebrating girl-bonds every chance we get! (Your Valentine’s is our Galentine’s)

Our team went to meet 3 pairs of sisters last Saturday and collected…

I’m never afraid of a bad food order.
I look at the menu, choose the meat I like and just order any version of it. I don’t Google to check what a Chung Fung is or reject the Soba noodles. I just go for it.
Actually, I’ve never had a…

L for Lazy

Have you ever tried deleting your Amazon account? You can’t, or rather, since you’re lazy, you’ll give up. Amazon knows that and leverages the brain’s laziness to not let you delete your account. Instead, it sets you on a long journey, fully knowing you’ll eventually give up.

Born out of…

Anisha Singhi

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